Tattoo Ticket

This is a digital listing. You will be able to immediately download two flash sheets without a watermark on them.

This is for anyone who wishes to use any of my designs, whole or partial for tattooing. This includes concept inspiration, product designs seen in the shop or the flash on this downloadable.

This ticket also acts as my consent to use my designs for the purpose of tattooing.
By purchasing this ticket you have my consent to use my designs and don’t have to message to ask permission first.
Make sure your tattoo artist is comfortable with tattooing other artists’ work.

Over the past seven years my passion for producing my own handmade items has kept me very busy but only just making ends meet. Of course I love what I do but if i was doing it for the cash I’d have given up long ago. I’m still a small enterprise that runs on the scent of a bad cup of coffee. Every dollar counts. So if you ever wanted to shout me one of those coffees, consider donating to my tip jar.  Any extra help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!


This listing is NOT a physical item. You will not receive anything but my consent and gratitude.

This ticket does NOT get you a tattoo from me personally.

This listing is NOT for a custom design.
If you would like a custom design from me you can email to discuss at

Please tag me if you post to social media. I’d love to see it!

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